At Barrington Roof Doctors we not only preserve cedar roofs we install dozens of them every year. Below is a short list of the components on a typical cedar roof.

You can rest assured that the Barrington Roof Doctor’s crew that preserves your cedar roof also installs them. Knowing the intricacies of cedar roofing system allows us to offer you the highest level of cedar knowledge when working on your roof.

We do many jobs each summer where we are preserving the majority of the roof, and replacing sections that have sun or moss damage that require replacement.

When first giving you a FREE ESTIMATE we are nonbiased in our opinions. We will tell you if your roof can be preserved, or if it should be replaced. There is no sense in preserving a roof that has past its time. This especially applies if you’re selling your home.

If 70% of the shakes on your home have splits in them a reliable home inspector will red flag the roof as needing replacement. We also are able to identify and service areas our competition doesn’t like the need for more ventilation vents, the caulking of chimneys or the repair of skylights.