Below is a language from our proposals so you can see the steps involved in a cedar preservation:

1. Remove all mold with hand brushing and/or a pressure washer and then treat with a solution of bleach and water.

2. A power blower will be used to remove debris from between the shingles.

3. Any shakes that are missing, severely cupped or rotted will be replaced with heavy, hand cut Western Red Cedar with an average thickness of 3/4 of an inch. All shingles will be attached with Stainless steel shake nails. Galvanized nails pop up, Stainless steel do not.

4. All plants, shrubs, walkways and driveways will be covered with tarps prior to spraying where needed.

5. Treat the entire roof with "Sta-Brite wood roof preservative: Color: Sta-Brite®R is available in four colors.

6.Complete a roof update: all roof vents, counter-flashings, stacks, and chimneys will be re-caulked and checked for leaks.

7. Any and all debris will be removed from the property

8. Replace any ridge shingles that are split, cracked or missing. Nail down any loose ridge shingles.

9. Clean all debris from the gutters.

10. Treat all galvanized valleys with rust inhibitor. Copper valleys should not be treated.

Once you have had your roof preserved by Barrington Roof Doctors you not only have increased the value of your roof, you have a local Roofing company that will meet all your roofing needs for years to come.